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FAQ'S For Affordable Housing Policy

  • Q. If an applicant surrenders his unit, will he be eligible to apply for other affordable projects?
    No, the applicant will not be allowed as he had been already allotted the property by the government but he chose to surrender it. The preference will be given to other applicants.
  • Q. If an applicant has lost his acknowledgement, will he be issued a duplicate copy?
    No, he won’t be issued a duplicate copy, though he can request the developer to share his application number.
  • Q. Can an applicant submit 2 applications in the same project under same name?
    No, an applicant can only submit one application in one project. Though he is entitled to apply in as many projects he wishes to.
  • Q. Is it possible to withdraw application before the draw?
    No, the applicant cannot withdraw his application before the draw.
  • Q. What is date of draw of XXX project?
    The date of draw is not pre-decided. Usually, it takes place within 3 months from the last date of application to the project.
  • Q. Does the applicant need to carry his acknowledgement at the venue of Draw?
    Yes, the applicant needs to carry his copy of acknowledgement to the venue as it is the official receipt of application.
  • Q. What is the level of transparency of Draw?
    The Draw is completely transparent as it is conducted openly in presence of all applicants and certain high ranking state govt. officials and auditors (Third Party). The applicant can also take part in the entire process of draw. The entire event is video-graphed for transparency.
  • Q. Will the draw be conducted collectively for all categories or separate for each category of apartment?
    The draw will be separate for each category. The categories can’t be merged at the time of draw.
  • Q. If the draw does not take place in stipulated 90 days from last date of application, are the applicants eligible for any interest?
    Yes, the applicant is eligible for 10% interest on his booking amount for the duration exceeding 90 days.
  • Q. How will the applicant come to know the result of the draw if he is unable to attend the event?
    The result of the draw will be published in the same newspapers in which the project was advertised for applications. The successful allottees will be informed personally by the developer via email and postal letters. Moreover, the result will also be declared on the project website.
  • Q. In case of success in two draws, will the applicant be given a choice to retain both the flats?
    No, the applicant has to choose any one apartment and surrender the other.
  • Q. How many applicants will be in the waiting list?
    The developer will maintain a waiting list of 25% of the applicants for 2 years. If a wait-listed applicant wishes to withdraw from the list, he can withdraw and his booking amount will be refunded.
  • Q. What are the different modes of payment which are to be made against the property to the developer?
    The payment can be made by Cheque/Demand Draft/Banker’s Cheque/NEFT/RTGS. Cash payment is not accepted by the developer.
  • Q. What is the time frame given to deposit the next installment of 20% for a successful allottee?
    A period of 15 days from the date of allotment is given to the allotte to make the next payment.
  • Q. If the developer does not refund the booking amount after the draw is over, who should the customer approach?
    The DTCP is the nodal authority and the customer can approach DTCP for all concerns regarding affordable housing projects.
  • Q. How will the developer refund the booking amount of the applicants who are unsuccessful in draw?
    The unsuccessful applicants get the booking amount through cheque which is either delivered to their correspondence address via registered post or can be collected from the developer office after furnishing all valid documents.
  • Q. If a successful allottee fails to make payments in stipulated time, will he be given a grace period?
    Depending on the developer, a grace period can be given. If the applicant still fails to make the payment, his allotment stands cancelled.